Monday, February 18, 2013

How to enable init.d support without custom rom or custom kernel


  1. Rooted phone
  2. Busy box
  3. Terminal emulator (available in Google Play)
  1. Term-init, click here
  1. Place the in internal sdcard
  2. Open terminal emulator
  3. Type: su 
  4. Allow Supersu / Superuser
  5. Type: sh /sdcard/
  6. Follow the instruction
  7. Finish, Reboot your phone
To check whether init.d working or not:
  1. After you reboot your phone
  2. Go to /data directory (use Root Explorer)
  3. You should find Test.log there, open that and make sure "init.d is working" text there
Please leave a comment if you don't understand