Sunday, March 3, 2013

Siyah Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S3

This kernel supports only Samsung Jelly Bean, CM10, AOSPA, AOKP, CM10.1 Rom (doesn't work with ICS or CM9 )
This will not brick your phone (except you using ics or cm9 rom)

Features :-
  • Samsung and CM10 support with a single kernel image
  • based on i9300 update7 sources
  • GPU OC/UC/UV (5 step GPU clock)
  • Audio enhancement and sound boosting for great headphone experience (partial-port of wm8994 based implementation from project-voodoo)
  • init.d support
  • Triangle-away app support
  • Auto-root
  • Adjustable charging speeds for AC and USB
  • Automatic EFS Backup
  • Samsung proprietary ExFat modules are loaded. Don't ask about ExFat support for aosp roms in this thread.
  • Kernel based gestures support by Tungstwenty. See
  • NTFS automounting for USB sticks, mounted to /mnt/ntfs folder in Read Only mode.
  • mDNIe negative effect toggle with 4 consecutive press of home button
  • mDNIe values can be adjusted using the interfaces in /sys/class/misc/mdnie.
  • Almost everything is configurable via simple and free STweaks (included in the kernel or from Google Play)
  • Dual-booting. You can have Samsung JB and CM10 ROMs on a single device at the same time.
  • slide2wake (WIP, still incomplete)
Problem :
  • No Problem :D
Downloads :
How to install :
  1. Download the CWM kernel version
  2. Put it in internal storage
  3. Go to recovery mode
  4. Flash kernel
  5. Reboot
Note : download STweaks from google play


  1. Do I need to root my Galaxy S3 before installing the Siyah Kernel by the procedure mentioned here?

    1. hmm... i think you sudt must have cwm recovery

  2. iam currently using pardus 2.o based on android 4.2(touchwiz).
    can I install this kernel?