Saturday, March 9, 2013

AC!D Audio Engine V5

Ok friends, now i will tell you how to install AC!D Audio Engine to our Exotic Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300. I Brief this from XDA Thread, you can find the thread link at the botom this post

AC!D Audio provides you an overall better sound quality, more precisely:

  • Bass are deeper, crispier and more powerfull, with nice effect without distortion and crackling
  • treeble are less aggressive and more immersive (you'll enjoy whistle, whisper, instrument like piano, guitar,... will be much more natural and balanced)
  • Voice is really more natural with better balenced EQ for a pure cristal sound for an awesome clarity
  • Audio track quality will be enhanced and the improvement will be even noticed on your most crappy headset (even if good headphone are really suggested to enjoy all improvement of this MOD)
This Engine is A port of several Audio Technolgy, each of them are well know to enhance some specific audio part, our goal was to get them working simultaneously with a lot of personnal optimisation modification tweaks and unique features by our Team

Downloads :
+ [ALL in ONE]                                                                                                                                      +   + Aroma, here                                                                                                                                       +
+ Simple, here + Walkman, here                                                                                                        +
+ Simple, here + Add ons (choose one)                                                                                            +
+  - Noozxoide, here                                                                                                                             +
+  - Awesome beats, here                                                                                                                   +

Instructions installation :

  1. Backup your rom
  2. Remove all third app equalizer (DSP Manager,Market EQ,...)
  3. Be sure your rom don't have any other sound mod pre installed
  4. Download AC!D Audio 
  5. Put it in internal sdcard
  6. Go to recovery mode
  7. Wipe cache partition and dalvik cache
  8. For Aroma, just flash it and follow the instructions (Dont care about status 0 error), then go to step 10
  9. For Simple zip 
- Simple + Walkman : first flash simple zip, then flash walkman and reboot
- Simple + Add ons : first flash simple zip, then flash one add ons and reboot
    10. Open an explorer (I recommended Root Explorer), then open /system/build.prop, look at                the end of line, verify the lines are added

###AC!D Sound Tweaks by R-ikfoot###
#Sony Xloud & Clearbass +
#Beats Engine  

if added correctly, just reboot but if not, add them manually
save build prop and reboot
     11. Done

Source : XDA Developers 
If you don't understand just comment :)