Monday, February 18, 2013

[App] DSP Manager for Samsung Galaxy SIII

DSP Manager is the sound processing app from the Cyanogen Mod Team(thanks). In my opinion It's better than beats audio. You can customize the equalizer manually or select from a bunch of preset options. 

Attached you will find the apk in a zip file that will install as a system app. I used this on the One X, can't remember who created it, sorry. Tried it on the GS3 and it's seems to be working perfectly.

Remember that I grabbed this from the One X threads, so don't freak out when the install proccess says something about One X 

Requirements :

1. Rooted GS3
2. Custom recovery 

Installation :

1. Enter recovery 
2. Make a backup just in case
3. Install zip from sd card
4. Choose zip from sd card
5. Select DSPManager.... Zip
6. Reboot 


If it worked for you please report back!

Download: DSP

Original Thread- XDA Developers

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